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Andrew Macken

Managing Director, Advisor

Lover of dogs and new technology

The book he should write: “The Gift of Gab”
Absolutely loves:
His Three Boys, Wife Juliet and having fun
Could live without: Cloudy days
A few details: Over 25 years of investment experience, serving families and institutions.

Time with Andrew is never wasted. He not only makes absolutely everyone feel awesome, he loves engaging conversation and is very good at bringing out the best in all kinds of people. Andrew loves collaboration and is constantly ruminating on new ideas. His natural and insatiable curiously encourages innovation, and was instrumental in the development of AddeparTM, a software application designed to make investing more data-driven, transparent and impactful. Andrew spent over 18 years at Goldman Sachs and Fidelity Investments — and is never looking back. Baldwin’s focus on the individual is a perfect match for Andrew’s approach to business, and life.

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