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Steve Denison

Senior Analyst

Persistent, passionate, and always looking behind the curtain

The Book He Should Write: “Forensic Investing: Uncovering What’s True ”
Absolutely loves: Live concerts
Could live without: Slow walkers
What he’s reading: “Into the Wild”, by John Krakauer and “Understanding Power”, by Noam Chomsky
Been with Baldwin: Since 2021
A Few Details: Graduated from Northeastern with a BS in Business Administration and a concentration in Finance. He started in applied physics, (he wanted to build rocket ships when he was 10), switched to computer science, and ended up (happily!) in business administration.

Steve is one of those people you just want to be around, with an easy-going personality and a reputation for making people laugh. But when it comes to investment research, he gets serious fast and takes absolutely nothing at face value. With a background in forensic accounting and a natural tendency to passionately obsess when he’s on the trail of something that has caught his interest and attention, Steve just may be the modern Sherlock of the investment community. A fiercely independent thinker, a comfortable contrarian, and a thoroughly researched perspective makes Steve a trusted and valuable member of the Baldwin team.

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