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And Decidedly Positive.

At Baldwin, we offer a one-of-a-kind experience that involves far more than your money. It involves you.

Baldwin Brothers Acquires Assets of KLR Investment Advisors

By integrating personal aspects of your life with your wealth management strategies, we are able to craft original solutions, solve unusual problems, and create personalized opportunities for both broader future impact and practical, day-to-day realities.

  • YOUR LIFESTYLE: Your health, your home-life, your challenges, your family and all the things that bring you joy.
  • YOUR LEGACY: Your values, your future plans, your next generation, and the impact you want to have on the world around you.
  • YOUR TIME & MONEY: From budgets to bookkeeping, all the services you need so you can live life outside the office.
  • YOUR TEAM: Thoughtful, visionary, friendly and here for you now – and long into the future.
  • YOUR INVESTMENTS: Integrated Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Research.


Four Decades of Unwavering Commitment to Strong Corporate Governance, Environmental Awareness, and Community Wellbeing.

We use our skills to evaluate not only domestic and international markets, but also environmental and social influences on those markets that may impact our clients’ financial objectives. We believe that at its heart, investing is about enhanced communication. We seek companies that are transparent not only about their financial results, but also their corporate practices.

The Baldwin Difference

We look closer and go deeper to uncover opportunities that can make a real difference in your life, in your future, and in the world around you.

Positive Growth & Risk Mitigation

We believe a company with informed ESG practices typically exhibits operational excellence while aligning with stakeholder interests.

Private Investment Diligence

Opening access to private market investments that target non-correlated competitive returns.


Considerate, deliberate and kind – you’ll find we are a group that goes unusually deep but keeps things delightfully simple. We manage complexity with ease and help break down any barriers you may have to understanding your money and your financial future.

We’ll help you get comfortable with your money, because we make it easy to get comfortable with us.

Our Team

We absolutely love what we do and work to incorporate this infectious attitude in our relationships and our lives.

Our Office

We are located just sixty miles to the southeast of Boston, in Marion, Massachusetts.


We invite you to enjoy a full suite of services designed to minimize stress and maximize joy in your life.

We like to say we offer soup to nuts, and a side of whatever else you may need. We go above and beyond to help manage your priorities and your money. From budgeting to bookkeeping, from financial planning to estate planning, we are trusted stewards of every dollar—and every day—helping you minimize stress and maximize joy in your life.

Investment Management

Deliberately-sized and decidedly innovative, our high-touch, holistic, and collaborative approach puts you in a much better position to have a positive impact in ways that matter to you and your family.

Family Office Services

The experience of managing wealth is never the same for any two individuals or families. But in every case, wealth management comes with a lot of responsibility; for families, and for next generations.

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