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We absolutely love what we do and work to incorporate this infectious attitude in our relationships and our lives.

As independent advisors, Baldwin Brothers is free to choose the brightest, best, and most experienced partners to work with us in providing relevant and constantly fresh perspectives from the market and various industries.


Founded in 1992, the Marion Institute is dedicated to identifying and promoting programs that seek to enhance life for the Earth and its inhabitants. They are committed to uniting people who want to heal the planet – and themselves – by encouraging a deeper understanding of the past, a dynamic experience of the present, and a passionate vision of a healthy future. The Marion Institute seeks to engage the widest possible number of people in seeing, connecting and participating in new ways that best support their own lives, and those of the wider community at large.

The Marion Institute introduces innovative models for creating deep and positive change, empowering individuals by connecting them to these programs, thus encouraging effective transformation.


New Summit Investments was co-founded in 2016 by Baldwin Brothers as a leading private impact fund manager. New Summit Investments develops and manages private investment products in fixed income and equity with a high bar for positive social and environmental impact and competitive returns. Current sustainable investment strategies include: Private Market Impact Fund & New Summit Impact Fund, two private equity/venture capital/real asset multi-manager strategies and Income & Impact Fund, a private fixed income multi-manager strategy.

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