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Ann Peardon

Associate, Receptionist

Friendly and upbeat, with a flair for style

The Book She Should Write: “The Art of Optimism”
Absolutely loves: Traveling, swimming & adventure
Could live without: Talking politics
Years with Baldwin: Since 2002
Secret Skill: Cocktails! (She’s got a Mixology Certificate)
Interesting Fact: She learned to drive a motorcycle before a car

Ann is the face and voice of Baldwin, welcoming clients and guests to the firm in-person and on the phone. She has a talent for making everyone feel seen and heard, while mastering the art of multitasking. Ann also handles several administrative efforts, including client mailings, quality control of various reports, and working closely with the operations team on various projects. We couldn’t do without her capacity to spread the love, share the burden, and make everyone feel at home.

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