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Jena Viera

Director of Operations & Senior Client Services

Patient, hardworking, a great listener, and a true problem solver

The Book She Should Write: “The Troubleshooter”
Absolutely loves: Family & pumpkin spice iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts
Could live without: Drama, dirty dishes and blank email subject lines
Secret Talent: Basketball free throwing at any arcade
Years with Baldwin: Since 2005
Lifetime Goal: To travel around Europe

Jena came to Baldwin Brothers in January of 2005 and oversees operations, maintaining and establishing policies and procedures for the firm and working closely with the operations team. She also serves a large number of clients and their investment portfolios alongside our Portfolio Managers. While Jena is a self-professed introvert, she’s happy to reach out and lend a hand in just about any situation, and can always be relied upon to step up, and in, wherever it is needed.

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