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Dylan Sage

Managing Director, Advisor

Good at unsticking family stickiness, and our West Coast better half

The book he should write: “Natural Born Optimism”
Absolutely loves: Trail Runs, Dungeness crabs, Surfing, Yoga
Surprising fact: Sang opera at the Met from 1st – 6th grade
Years with Baldwin: Since 2008
A few details: He has a Bachelor of Arts from Kenyon College.

Dylan is a Managing Director and Portfolio Manager. He is one of those people who can stand in the middle of a firestorm and stay incredibly calm. He has a remarkable capacity for helping families find common ground, while appreciating and respecting the individual differences, opinions, and values each person brings to the table. Dylan doesn’t shy away from complexity, and has a gift for clarifying, educating, and simplifying – helping new generations engage fully in the management of family wealth and their own future wellbeing. His love of the outdoors, appreciation of the natural world, and personal desire to work closely with families over the long-term makes Baldwin a perfect fit for Dylan. He has spent 13 years in the financial industry, starting his career at Solaris Asset Management in NY.

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