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Zach Shirilla, CFA

Investment Analyst

A deep diver, a discerning winnower, and a fearless explorer of new frontiers

The book he should write: “Down the Rabbit Hole & Back Again: A Researcher’s Tale”
Absolutely loves: Fly Fishing and the Pittsburgh Panthers
Could live without: Humidity, both otherwise pretty chill
Surprising fact: He can (really!) cook
Years with Baldwin: Since 2022
A Few Details: Zach received his BS from the University of Pittsburgh, graduating Summa Cum Laude in Finance. He has worked as an Investment Analyst since 2016, most recently with Edgemoor Investment Advisors. Zach holds the Chartered Financial Analyst®️ designation and is a member of the CFA Institute and CFA Society of Washington, DC.

Zach has a natural knack for seeing the forest AND the trees – combining a consistently vast market perspective with a focused, thoughtful approach. He loves to follow the breadcrumbs wherever they may lead – even off the beaten path – staying open to the unexpected, in order to uncover risks and ferret out new opportunities. And while Zach loves the thrill of chasing down a new idea, he’s even-keeled, level-headed, and always practical in execution. On any given Sunday, you can find him enjoying the slow pleasure of a French Press coffee and a good historical biography with his wife and their adopted dog, Winston.

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