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Eric H. Strand

Managing Partner, Advisor

If You Break It, He Can Fix it.

The book he should write: “Watch Out for Pirates, and Other Financial Advice from an ex-Merchant Marine”
Absolutely loves: Time at the family house in Norway
Could live without: A losing Redsox season
Personal motto: Life is easier when you do what you love
On the bucket list: To visit all of the major league ballparks
Favorite books: The Horatio Hornblower Series by C.S. Forester
A Few Details: Eric holds an MBA from Boston University (1997), a BS from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, N.Y. (1988) and is a graduate of Tabor Academy (1984). Eric serves on several profit and non-profit boards and serves on several investment committees.

If you ever find yourself on a sinking ship, or your engine is on fire, or you’ve been lost at sea – you might want Eric by your side. He is king of the watchful eye, with a knack for navigating tricky waters and avoiding risky ventures. It’s the kind of approach to life that only comes from first-hand, hard-won experience, and it’s most likely why he’s got a heart full of compassion and head full of answers. With over 20 years of industry and portfolio management experience, he is a seasoned, thoughtful professional, and an active member of the community. Before joining AR+M in 1997, he was a chief engineer for Maersk Line Ltd., an international container shipping company – which had him traveling to over 75 countries in a 10-year period! Eric loves to spend time with his family and his two aptly named dogs, Tanker, and Tugboat.

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