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Sandra Edgell

Associate, Executive Assistant

Easy going and funny, with a maddening ability to see all sides of the story

The Book She Should Write: “The Way of the Peacemaker”
Absolutely loves: Swimming in the ocean, sunsets and family fun
Could live without: Losing things
Surprising Talent: Can walk on her hands (after a few drinks, of course)
Years with Baldwin: Since the beginning of time (1997)
Personal Motto: Be nice – let’s all get along!

Starting at Baldwin in its earlier days, Sandy has witnessed it all. After 23 years, she still works closely with our founder and assists with many client management related projects, including quarterly reports and ongoing client communication efforts. She loves what she does, laughs a lot, smooths the edges and keeps things humming, and we couldn’t do without her helpful, laid back approach to life!

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