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Jennifer Sanders

Manager, Family Office Services

Detail oriented, humble & loves to serve others

The Book She Should Write: “If You’re Happy, I’m Happy!”
Absolutely loves: Nature, gardening, birds & travel
Could live without: Arrogance
Childhood Passion: Wanted to be a doctor to bring modern medicine to third-world countries
Lifelong Passion: Caring for the earth and all the life upon it
Years with Baldwin: Since 2007
Personal Motto: Do No Harm

Jennifer joined Baldwin Brothers in October of 2007. She’s not prone to talk about herself, but she’s responsible for handling the financial affairs for several of our more complex client relationships. She works closely with client attorneys, accountants and other advisors to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of all financial reports, bill payments and budgets. Jennifer loves helping others, measuring her own success by how well she meets the needs of others, and as such is always a joy to have around.

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