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Bill Marvel

Managing Partner, Advisor

Kind, considerate, and wears lots of fleece vests

The book he should write: “The Secret to Lasting Relationships”
Absolutely loves: Staying active with his three kids
Could live without:
The month of March
Been with Baldwin: Since 2008
A few details: Over 25 years investing for families and family offices. Co-founder of two impact investment firms, GreenTech Research and New Summit Investments. MBA from Boston University.

Bill is a Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager, but is mostly known for being a really genuine person, full of compassion and empathy. He has a way of making you feel seen and heard and is especially adept at helping families uncomplicate complicated stuff. In addition to managing client relationships and portfolio management, Bill leads the firm’s sustainable investment initiatives. He also acts as a Board member to several private companies, private foundations and the Town of Marion finance committee.

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