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Michael Baldwin

Michael Baldwin

Founder & Advisor

Dreamer, Doer, Rebel with (a whole lot of) Causes

The book he should write: “Sustainable Spirituality, and Other Ways to Heal the World”
Absolutely loves: Art, cattails, sailing
Could live without: Fruit flies
Founded Baldwin: 1974
A few details: BA from Harvard, and currently trustee of the Nathaniel Saltonstall Arts Fund, The Garfield Foundation and Northeast Investors.

Stepping into the Marion, Massachusetts office is like looking inside the fascinating mind and imagination of Michael. At once natural, quirky, intelligent, and artistic—he creates environments that move people and inspire change. Full of light, elements of the earth, and a staggering diversity of original art, the office wakes the senses and delights the mind. Michael is a true entrepreneur and active participant in cultural change. In addition to founding Baldwin, Michael and his wife Margie started the Marion Institute, a not-for-profit designed to drive positive change in the areas of health, healing, sustainability, education and spirituality.

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